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Easter Craft Project with Free Printable

Hi Everyone,

Like most of you, because of the pandemic, our family celebrations have been somewhat tamed over the last couple of years (ok, completely tamed).

On my daughter's third birthday it was just four adult family members. My 40th birthday was about the same as was my partner's. Not to mention the first lockdown Christmas being just us three - a complete reversal of the bustling, noisy, food-filled Christmases we're used to! We had fun regardless as we were very lucky because at least we had each other and I know not everyone was so fortunate.

I am and I will always remain extremely grateful for what I have!

For the last few Easters, my partner and I have made my daughter a mini Easter egg hunt in our small flat, which she absolutely loved. While we're still being careful (masking up, sanitizing, and regular Covid tests), we wanted to make this Easter a little more special and will be spending it with our extended London-based families (basically Mia's older cousin and five other adults who are all still kids at heart!)

For Pre-Pandemic Easters, we have gone on organised Easter egg hunts and this year we will be doing that again as well as having a lovely meal at Mia's Granda's house.

I have extremely fond memories of her first Easter at her Granda's house, with her sitting on my lap and having her first taste of solid food (baby corn). As previously mentioned, I had some dark times in the beginning but this was an absolutely wonderful day for me (and maybe why I started loving this holiday so much!)

This Easter I wanted to make Mia and her cousin some adorable mini Easter hampers and I am so excited to share this project with you lovely people!

A few years ago when I got into making gifts I decided to learn how to weave paper into baskets and this year I used some of my leftover home nursery resources to make the Easter baskets (plus a few little gifts to put inside them!)

For the gifts, I decided to make the following -

An Easter themed paper bead bracelet

A chocolate scented lip balm and

I showed you how to make the paper beads in a previous post and I have designed a printable for the Easter-themed beads for you to use. So please do, as it is completely free!

Full disclosure there as some affiliated links below (if you purchase anything using the links, I will earn a commission. It doesn't cost you extra but helps me out a little bit!)

Easter paper beads
Download PDF • 1.05MB

For the bracelet you will need:

Ribbon about 5mm wide, The length depends on the wrist size.

Paper beads from the free download.

Learn how to make paper beads from a previous post

1 jewelry clasp

Sewing thread and needle

For the lip balm I wanted to make something moisturising with added protection and in keeping with the Easter theme I made it chocolate flavour

For the lip balm I used

2Tblsp Cacao butter

1tsp Bees wax (If you know a good vegan alternative please leave me recommendations on this and I will try it when I run out of bees wax)

1tsp Coconut oil

10 drops Chocolate Chip scented oil

2 Lip balm containers

A small glass microwavable bowl

Finally for the basket you will need:

Scrap paper at least A4 in size- I used colourful tissue

but have also used newspaper and magazines before

A thin knitting needle

A glue stick

Small sewing clips

A cereal bowl

Blue tac

Liquid glue

Straw, shredded paper or cut yarn.

If you make this craft project I hope you enjoy it and the children in your life love getting them.

As always, please send me any pictures of your work as I love seeing them!

Please like, share and stay safe out there.



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