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A little about me

Ok, so let me start by saying I am not a writer.
Not only that, but I also have what I can only describe as a

scattered mind. Ever had a friend that seems to start a

conversation from the middle?

Or seem to have a different project every week even if they haven’t

finished the one before?
Or whenever you speak to them they have changed careers?
Well, that's me!

I have wanted to write a blog for many years but have always been

deterred as I figured I would lose interest and move on after only a

few posts, but now as I stand on the edge of yet another career

change and another (hundred) projects I figure its a good time to start.

As you may have guessed I have a lot of interests and hobbies! Swing dancing, dressmaking, crocheting, paper bead making to name but a few!
I am also the parent of a beautiful (and let me be honest and absolutely and wonderfully crazy) 4 year old whom my partner and I love creating silly games for. I have worked in admin, sales and customer service. Been a fashion designer, and, most recently, a childminder!
Now I have just turned 40 and I know I am not alone when I say I still have no idea where my life is going.
But the one thing I have just figured out is that it doesn't matter! I don't need to know where I will end up as it is all about the journey for me. I have a wonderful family, lovely friends and with each new career I choose I give it my all and try to learn a little something I can take with me.
My most recent career decision was to give up being a childminder. This stemmed from the realization that even though I got to spend more time with my daughter than if I was working a ‘traditional’ 9 to 5 job, I wasn't enjoying the time as much as I used to and neither was she. Spending time with her started to feel more like work. I only have a short time before she goes to school and these precious days are racing by so quickly that I want both of us to enjoy every moment we can. 

Though I am currently looking for work, I will be temping in nurseries and trying to make blogging into my new career. Wish me luck and please share....

One of the things you should know about me is I suffer from depression. This was made worse after having postpartum with the birth of my daughter . 4 years later I am still on antidepressants and let me tell you this, at times life has been hard. Very hard.
In some of my future posts, I will talk openly about my struggles and the things that helped me or at least gave me a chance to escape from my darkness for a few hours (usually a little crafting project. For me I found frivolous hobbies quite a helpful distraction).
I am not a doctor and I would never dream of advising on such a personal and destructive condition, but I can share with you the things that helped me. If you are battling depression, then maybe you will find something that may help you as well.
I am hoping this blog will be a chronicle of the craft projects I attempt, the ideas I have, and the struggles I have gone through, all the while clearing out the clutter I have accumulated over the years, both in my home and in my brain.
Maybe once it is all clear, once the boxes of random fabric, wool, beads, buttons and so many scraps of colourful paper have gone I will figure out what my one main passion is and go with that.

Maybe! ;)

But until then, welcome to my journey!


Please like and share and
Stay safe out there

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